Organising committee

  • Max Studennikoff

    A serial entrepreneur, resident in France with an MBA degree from Imperial College, London, Max has been in business for over 25 years. He set up and successfully developed a number of start-ups in such areas as international events management, property development, hospitality and education. Max is currently organising a series of high profile sustainable investment conferences across the globe whose mission is connecting the savviest of the investors with the brightest of startups. He is a sought-after speaker at major international conferences, an investor and an advisor to several global projects.

  • Ken Lukins

    Chief Ken Lukins, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired), Founder and Senior Owner of Lukins International, has 45 plus years in oil and hazardous materials response, law enforcement, occupational safety and health, drug enforcement, maritime security, anti-terrorism, emergency response and hazardous materials operations. Throughout his career he has responded to numerous incidents of national and international significance in over 100 countries to include the EXXON VALDEZ oil spill in Alaska and the Deep Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Ken has been involved in humanitarian operations including serving as President of the Board of Directors for United Way of Southeast Alaska, and as President of the Chief Petty Officers’ Association and was involved in the humanitarian operations in Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010. He has volunteered his services to MERCY SHIPS, training their crew and staff on security and safety in West Africa.

  • Farhan Qadir

    Global connector, entrepreneur, business advisor and partner with His Excellency Sheikh Awad Bin Majrin (Dubai Royal family). Founder and CEO of NEXUS WORLDWIDE group which established with ANEX Korea to demonstrate the most innovative projects in sustainability and cyber technology. One of the greatest achievements of all times is bringing the first ESG eco-friendly “DONO” Hyper Phone to the world; strengthening cooperation in global hacking competitions in Dubai (The KO-WORLD Hacking Defense Competition). The CEO of Color Star Technology Co Ltd (NASDAQ: ADD) that is focusing on developing online artificial intelligence applications as well as increasing and accelerating the development of the metaverse and NFTs. Color Star is followed by the implementation of blockchain technology and various other content in order to become a comprehensive entertainment technology listed company.

  • Per Wimmer

    Astronaut, Adventurer, Financier, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker, Author of The Green Bubble on green energy. The Sky Is No Limit. Making Dreams Reality.

  • Serge Conesa

    Serge Conesa brings over 30 years of experience in data communications and the IT networking industry, holding Executive key positions in both sales and marketing management with from Fortune 500 companies and over 20 start-ups. His experience ranges from working in the business of internationally expanding major telecommunications and civil infrastructure businesses coordinating all the key elements of a new business: including time, money, resources and technology throughout multiple geographies and cultures. His vision will help corporate and government customers assess, optimize, and manage the life cycle of resources utilization for enhanced efficiency and reduced energy consumption.At the highest levels of governments, energy independence is recognized as key to maintain a nation’s economic and political security.His work is giving now the ability to respond to the call from the White House, not only in addressing, but also in helping to solve the nation’s need for energy independence in a climate of greater demand and diminishing resources, and to replace the current inefficient industrial model of resources management with a new highly efficient model.

  • Michele A. Bongiovanni

    Michele Bongiovanni is the CEO and Founder of HealRWorld® LLC (a fintech for good and private company ESG big data social impact business) , Disruptive Data Network (a human trafficking big data sharing consortium), Angels.Inc–a social impact media business, and the founder of Music4ClimateJustice (a non-profit initiative dedicated to raising funds for climate refugees, adaptation and resiliency.) Michele’s led corporate strategy, marketing, and online product development/management for over 25 years in the financial services sector and as an innovator has created multiple patents for Fortune 500 companies. Michele feels very blessed to have been able to leverage her passion for innovation and entrepreneurship at BlackRock, Dow Jones & Co., D&B, McCann Erickson & Merrill Lynch & Company. She served as Senior Director of Product Development and Innovation at D&B and led the conceptualization and development of a multi-million-dollar online system for real time detection/rating of small business fraud which was patented by D&B. In addition to her online expertise, she served on the Merrill Lynch Global Bank Platform Team leading client research and strategy for the bank and managed the $2B lockbox product in partnership with PNC Bank where she innovated and patented Merrill’s lockbox sales management tool. She also led the Communications Strategy Team for the Merrill Lynch Global Bank Group. Bongiovanni was on the launch team for the Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition and SmartMoney Interactive for Dow Jones & Company and continues to work with the organization. Ms. Bongiovanni has been invited to speak at the United Nations, The World Bank, New Jersey Innovation Institute and other thought leadership venues and has received numerous awards for her work at HealRWorld, including most recently the Global Peace Award (from the Celebration of Peace UN Event celebrating 150 Years of Gandhi), as a Top Leader in Data in Technology Supporting the SDGs by D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) and Tableau Foundation, was a finalist in the 2018 Sustainable Brands Innovation Open and awarded the first ever New Jersey Higher Education Social Impact Award. She is an advocate for women-led and minority businesses and passionate about leveraging social impact to better our world through “business for good.” She is also a member of UN Women.

  • Valentina Castellani

    Valentina Castellani is an Award Winning Film Producer, President of Quinn Studios Entertainment which continues the Legacy of Academy Award Winning Actor Anthony Quinn, in the fields of art and entertainment. Mrs. Castellani produced many Academy Awards candidate films Internationally recognized and distributed. She won the prestigious US CONGRESS AWARD, The HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD, the English WIFTS Award as a "Visionary Producer" together with Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel and actress Gal Gadot. Because of her ethical work as a producer, and her service to global society, Valentina Castellani was invited to speak at many International Organizations, including, The US Congress, United Nations, UNESCO, The YPO/Young President Organization and a number of International Universities.

  • Steven O’Brien

    Steven O’Brien is a widely published writer, academic, journalist. He is Editor of The London Magazine, Britain’s oldest literary journal (est. 1732). His current roles also include Secretary General of the G20 Foundation, Trustee of the Patrons of the Vatican Art Treasures, Advisor to the Vatican’s Institute of Human Dignity, Advisor to the Centre for Issues and Crisis Management and Peace Ambassador for Iraq.

  • Barbara Dietrich

    Diplomatic World (of which Ms Barbara Dietrich is the owner, CEO and Editor-in-Chief) is the only magazine published on paper in or around Brussels (with four editions a year distributed in high-quality paper form), counting amongst its subscribers all the Embassies in Brussels, all Members of the European Parliament, the DG’s of the European Commission, the European Council, Members of the Belgian Government, the Belgian Royal Family and other Heads of State plus many influential economic forums and organizations, advocacy and consultancy bureaus and think tanks in Brussels, providing this community and a wider public of interested readers with profound and trendsetting insights in the latest diplomatic, international and European evolutions and tendencies (with a special focus on cultural diplomacy, diplomatic economy, trade, business, art and health). The high-level content of Diplomatic World is based on a full-time engagement and direct/constant contacts with European and international officials - from Ambassadors and Ministers to European Commissioners, Prime Ministers and national and EU Presidents – of Barbara Dietrich. Through the high-quality paper publication, followed and circulating intensively inside the Brussels bubble and in other diplomatic capitals, and through the further online dissemination of the editions published under the supervision of Ms Barbara Dietrich, Diplomatic World has a very wide reach and can claim the status of a key diplomatic-journalistic medium and very influential global think tank and opinion-maker.